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Erick & Christa Adagio Colour Distance.jpg
Erick & Christa Adagio Colour Distance.jpg
Erick & Christa Adagio Colour Distance.jpg

Our Work

Check out our latest videos of our performance work.

Promo Reel

A quick look at all the different acts that we perform.

Hand to hand, acrobatic bike and skating, Cyr wheel, aerial hoop, straps, air track tumbling and more!

Canada Rocks Aerial Show

This show is by Duo Erick & Christa and features some of Canada’s greatest rock music artists. Erick is flying high in an aerial straps number to Neil Young’s Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World. Christa rocks out on aerial hoop to Shania Twain’s Man I Feel Like a Woman. Together they create magic with an aerial duo to City in Colour’s Coming Home. Throughout the show you will also hear  The Tragically Hip and The Arkells. This grassroots Canadian show will keep you rockin’ and in awe of the jaw dropping feats.

Rolling Moves Acrobatic Show

This show has wheels all around. Duo Erick & Christa keep rolling together throughout this show with amazing moves and all different types of wheels. You will see Christa skating on in-line wheels, Erick surfing on his bicycle wheels and Christa spinning on her Cyr wheel. The final act will have you spinning in your seat as you feel the strength of connection in this dynamic partnership. The hand to hand performance showcases balance, trust and the ability to support each other as both lift each other up emotionally and physically. This show will have you moving, grooving and rolling to get the best view in the house!

Nós - Available for Booking!

Check out the teaser for our newest project. We are so excited about this show and can't wait to present it to the world.

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