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Duo Erick and Christa

Erick and Christa met in 2012 onboard Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas and began their journey together.
Erick comes from a small town in the interior of São Paulo, Brazil. He grew up training and competing in artistic gymnastics. At the age of 21 he left Brazil and began his artistic career as a tumbling acrobat. Christa grew up in southern Ontario, Canada as a competitive ice skater and after graduating from McMaster University with a Bachelor's in Engineering Physics and Society with a minor in Psychology she pursued an artistic career as an ice skater.
Together Erick & Christa formed an on and off stage partnership growing into multiple circus disciplines. Now performing 3 different duo acts and 2 different solo acts each, they are a multitalented duo able to bring their entertainment to a wide range of audiences. From humble beginnings in their respective sports to the onstage artistic career they have created, they are grateful for the opportunities to share their passion and talent with the world.

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